Our Services

We provide a professional service from start through to completion of the contract. We will go through in detail with you the installation process and anticipated completion date providing a clear and detailed contract. However big or small your project is, our experienced staff will be with you every step of the way.


Pavement Preservation

  • Asphalt

    • Pavement Overlay
    • Fabric Overlay
    • Leveling Course
    • Mill & Inlay
    • Micro Overlay
    • Asphalt Dike

  • Sealants

    • Crack Filler
    • Fog Seal
    • Seal Coating
    • Prime Coat
    • Tack Coat

  • Grading and Excavation

    • Finish/Fine Grading
    • Rough Grading
    • Excavation And Demolition
    • Erosion Control
    • Weed Abatement And Debris Removal

  • Concrete Work

    • Sidewalks
    • Curbs
    • Curb And Gutter
    • Drainage Swales
    • Vehicular Concrete Slabs
    • Parking stall leveling
    • Curb Ramps with Truncated domes

  • Pavement Markings and Signage

    • ADA striping and signage
    • Fire Lane striping
    • Parking stall striping
    • Wheel Stops

  • Pavement Reconstruction

    • Pavement Removal
    • Spot Dig Outs
    • Full Depth Reclamation
    • Subgrade Re-Construction
    • Cement Treated Base Installation


Frist priority and top goal towards zero deaths. Accident prevention is the responsibility of all employees. Preventing accidents shall be a primary consideration in all phases of our operations and administration. It is our intention as a company to provide a safe and healthy work place. Frank and Son paving will establish and insist upon safe work practices by all employees at all times. Our employees are required to have CPR certification, Cal-OSHA 10 Safety Certification, Cal-OSHA 30 safety certification, Flaggers permit, Daily Tailgate safety meetings.